Reduce cost

Complying with relevant environmental regulations and standards can be an expensive business if no waste management is applied.

Reduce cost

High costs can typically be related to:

  • Required space onboard
  • Cost for disposal of waste ashore
  • Cost for transport ashore of waste from vessel or rig
  • Cost for labour onboard the vessel or rig

Typical parameters that will influence waste management costs are:

  • Type of vessel and general layout
  • Number of people onboard
  • Regulations in the area of operations
  • Ports of call
  • Time between port calls
  • Available storage space onboard
  • How the waste is collected onboard
  • Level of training provided for the crew

Overall, the costs of legally disposing of ship generated waste can be daunting, but with an efficient waste management system, they can be drastically reduced.

In a modern waste management system:

  • Waste is kept in fractions to allow for recycling or controlled discharge when permitted.
  • Volume is reduced to minimize the need for transport.
  • Waste handling from ship/rig to port/waste station is optimized.

We help you reduce you costs

Designed specifically for marine applications, our advanced solutions help our customers and their clients to reduce the cost and effort for waste handling and disposal through collecting, sorting the waste into fractions, compacting them and finally storing them.

Examples of reducing waste handling costs

Many of our customers have achieved reductions inoperating costs by using waste handling solutions from Uson Marine. You can read about some of these in our case stories: