Oleg Strashnov

Uson food waste system onboard SHL’s latest heavy lift vessel.

Case Story: Oleg Strashnov

Oleg Strashnov is a state-of-the-art heavy lift crane vessel built for Seaway Heavy Lifting (SHL), a Cyprus-based company which provides marine transportation and construction services to the offshore oil and gas industry. 
Delivered in 2011, the ship was subsequently retrofitted with a food waste handling system from Uson Marine, which offers hygienic processing of food waste prior to discharge into the ocean in permitted areas. In areas where discharge is not permitted the waste is stored in sealed holding tanks.

Innovative design

The Oleg Strashnov was built by IHC Merwede, the Netherlands. A unique feature is the innovative hull shape which enables her to have a maximum transit speed of 14 knots, combined with exceptional working characteristics. Lift heights of 100 metres for the 5,000 tonne main hook and 132 metres for the 800 tonne auxiliary hook enable the vessel to undertake an impressive range of projects, from dual hook upending of large jackets to heavy deck installations.

The installed DP3 dynamic positioning system also enables the vessel to be employed for the installation of large and heavy subsea structures, TLP/Spar foundations and topsides.

Uson Marine One Way Macerator System

The Oleg Strashnov is designed to operate virtually anywhere in the world and has already operated in regions as varied as the North Sea and the Indian Ocean. Uson Marine was chosen to supply a food waste handling system capable of processing and, where necessary, storing food waste generated by the approximately 220 people onboard.

Installed in the galley of the Oleg Strashnov is a Uson One Way Macerator System with two local macerators, two vacuum pumps and two 2.5 m3 holding tanks.

Food waste is ground by the local macerators and transported by vacuum to the holding tanks, which are specially designed for hygienic storage of food waste.
This makes it possible to run the system when the vessel is operating within an area where discharge is prohibited.

By collecting and grinding food waste where it is produced, the work for the crew is minimized and a high level of hygiene is maintained in the galley. The fact that each component of the system is duplicated provides both system redundancy and even greater flexibility for the ship when operating in warm climates and ecologically sensitive ocean and coastal areas.

SHL says the choice of Uson Marine to supply the system was based on expected quality, price and availability. “The system has functioned so far without any technical issues. The crew have learned to operate it correctly and are satisfied.”

A strong commitment to HSE

“Health, safety and protection of the environment are of prime importance. We seek to conduct our operations in such a way as to ensure HSE issues receive the same priority as other primary business objectives and are regarded as an integral part of the evaluation and subsequent execution of all our activities.”

The company’s strong commitment to health, safety and protection of the environment is also reflected in the choice of equipment and systems for its ships. SHL is accredited to ISO 9001/OHSAS 18001 standards and ISM/ISPS codes. HSE processes are continuously monitored and improved.

Uson Marine’s scope of supply

Uson Marine One-Way Macerator system (OWMS), specifically designed for hygienic transportation and treatment of food waste in compliance with IMO Marpol 73/78 Annex V, U.S. Coast Guard and other relevant regulations and standards.


  • 2 x local macerator units
  • 2 x vacuum pumps
  • 2 x 2.5 m3 holding tanks for food waste


Oleg Strashnov

  • Shipowner: Seaway Heavy Lifting
  • Type of vessel: Crane vessel
  • Flag: Cyprus
  • Built 2011
  • Shipyard: IHC Merwede, the Netherlands
  • Length o.a.: 183 m
  • Beam 47 m
  • No. of people onboard: 220
  • Classification: DNV
  • Area of operation: Worldwide


Seaway Heavy Lifting (SHL)

  • Seaway Heavy Lifting provides first-class marine transportation and construction services to the offshore oil and gas industry.

  • Seaway Heavy Lifting is the operator of the heavy lift vessels Stanislav Yudin and Oleg Strashnov with a full array of ancillary equipment.

  • Seaway Heavy Lifting provides project-management, design and engineering services in support of the marine operations of the heavy lift vessels Stanislav Yudin and Oleg Strashnov.