Far Samson

Farstad’s choice of dry waste handling systems reflects environmental focus

Case Story: Far Samson

The construction support vessel Far Samson, built in 2009 for Farstad Shipping ASA, Norway, won the environmental Ship of the Year Award in 2009. The dry waste generated onboard is sorted into fractions and Uson Marine dry waste handling systems reduce its volume by up to 90%.

Vidar Skjong, Ship Manager: “Farstad is committed to being a premium provider of shipping services to the oil industry and our choice of onboard waste handling and other equipment reflects this thinking.”

Captain Bernt Finnøy is satisfied with the Uson equipment. “The quality is good, it’s easy to operate and the crew have not had any problems with it.” He says he would have no problem recommending Uson Marine. “They are helpful and well informed about international and local environmental rules and regulations. They have the knowledge to provide professional recommendations on the type of waste handling systems a ship requires according to its operating profile.”

Efficient, economical dry waste handling

Onboard Far Samson there are well-defined routines for controlling discharges, waste disposal and noise. Contributing to environmental sustainability are the dry waste handling systems from Uson Marine, which comply with Clean Design regulations. With up to 100 people living onboard, including the ship’s crew and the charterer’s construction personnel, a large amount of dry waste is generated.

This is segregated into fractions, such as plastic, cardboard, glass and metal, and the volume is reduced by up to 90% in a Multi Chamber Compactor, a Midi-Shredder and a Glass Crusher supplied by Uson Marine. The Uson equipment is installed in line in a room on the same deck as the provisions store.

Round the clock operation

Captain Finnøy explains that, with so many people onboard and often long periods between port calls and access to waste facilities ashore, efficient handling of the waste streams is essential. “The waste handling equipment is in operation 24 hours a day. A certain amount of waste is shredded in the Uson Midi-Shredder and then incinerated. Operation of the incinerator is fully documented – time, quantity of waste, and operator’s name.”

To reduce its volume, glass is crushed and other dry waste compacted. The compacted dry waste is weighed, sorted, packed and delivered ashore to registered waste handling companies for further treatment. Farstad Shipping ASA demands receipts for all delivered waste.

Captain Finnøy: “We spend a lot of time on recycling and provide training for the onboard personnel. It’s even more important when we are operating in a sensitive area like the Baltic Sea, which is where we are present.”

Impressive environmental performance

Farstad Shipping’s has been awarded several prestigious awards as a result of its focus on health, safety, environment and quality (HSEQ) issues. These include the Thor Heyerdahl International Maritime Environmental Award, and HSE awards from Statoil, Petrobras, Saga Petroleum and others.
Vidar Skjong is justifiably proud of his company’s environmental performance. “We do not compromise on environmental issues to achieve higher revenues. Our aim is that operations should result in zero injuries and zero harm to the environment.”

He points out that Farstad’s focus on HSEQ issues is reflected in all investments, including onboard equipment. “Our Uson dry waste systems help us fulfill our environmental goals by efficiently reducing our waste volumes.”

Uson Marine’s scope of supply

  • UMCC-4 Multi Chamber Compactor
  • UMS-5050 Midi-Shredder
  • U-80 Glass crusher


Far Samson

  • Shipowner: Farstad Construction A/S
  • Ship management: Farstad Shipping AS
  • Type of vessel: CSV (Construction Support Vessel) Plough
  • Flag: Isle of Man
  • Built: 2009
  • Shipyard: STX Europe Langsten, Norway
  • Tonnage: 14,740 gt
  • Length: 121.5 m
  • Beam: 26 m
  • No. of people onboard: Max. 100
  • Design: UT 761 CD
  • Classification: + 1A1 Tug Supply Vessel Basic SF COMF-V(3)C(3) HELK-SH CRANE DEICE EO DYNPOS-AUTRO NAUT-OSV(A) Clean Design DK(+) BIS TMON
  • Area of operation: Worldwide


The most powerful offshore vessel ever built

Far Samson has a bollard pull of 423 tonnes and is capable of trenching for pipelines and cables in water depths of 1,000 m.

The vessel was constructed at STX Europe Langsten. Its special design, UT 761 CD, was developed by Rolls-Royce in close cooperation with the owner and charterer. The ship is capable of carrying out heavy ploughing operations for pipes and cables on the seabed, subsea installation work in ultra-deep water, and ROV operations, towing and other challenging subsea operations.

Clean Design class notification

When delivered, Far Samson was described as the most environmentally friendly Subsea Construction Vessel in the world. The ship has DNV Clean Design class notification, a voluntary newbuilding specification which covers most aspects of the vessel’s design and operation.

The vessel has a hybrid propulsion system and is very fuel efficient. All the engines comply with Clean Design class rules without exhaust cleaning. Additional catalytic converters fitted on to the generators provide a 95% NOx reduction.


Farstad Shipping ASA

With its motto “Better by Far”, Farstad Shipping’s strategy is to be a leading quality provider of large, modern offshore service vessels to the oil industry and is a leading player in the anchor handling and subsea segments.

Farstad’s fleet consists of 56 vessels (32 AHTS, 21 PSV and 3 SUBSEA), with 6 PSV and 2 AHTS under construction. The company's operations are managed from Aalesund, Aberdeen, Melbourne, Perth, Singapore, Macaé and Rio de Janeiro, with a total of 1,990 employees engaged onshore and offshore.

Farstad's objective is to enhance and maintain a high environmental standard. In close collaboration with designers, shipyards and equipment suppliers, the most modern technological solutions have been utilized to build and operate vessels with the least possible risk of emissions of harmful substances to air and water.